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  • Tropical Fruit Soap

    Review by Nikki

    Love this latest addition!! Tropical smells amazing!!

  • Wood Song Highland Perfume

    Review by DawnD

    Bought by a friend as a gift. Is lovely and light and unusual without being overpowering

  • Intensive Radiance Face Treatment Oil

    Review by Sarah

    This is just brilliant! It was a last minute buy when we visited the studio recently and I am so glad it was. It works, my 48 year old skin is visibly younger looking and wrinkles are much less obvious. I apply it at night after cleansing. Well done for

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The Perfume Studio on BBC's Countryfile

6 May 2015 11:58:13 BST

If you're a Wester Ross regular, you might have caught sight of a familiar face on this weekend's Spring Special of BBC Countryfile. Not content with simply showing the changing landscape of spring, or listening to a plethora of springtime sounds, Countryfile's John Craven was also keen to smell the new season unfurling, so he followed his nose up north to "potentially the most remote perfume studio in the world" and popped in for a chat with Adrian!

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Xmas postal dates

12 October 2014 13:34:18 BST

Just to let you all know that the last posting dates for christmas are as follows Australia,Asia and New Zealand 3rd December Eastern Europe,Canada and America 8th December Western Europe 12th December UK 2nd Class 18th December UK 1st Class 20th December

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Two New Soaps Ready For Summer!

18 June 2014 14:33:33 BST

Now that summer is finally upon us, we're thrilled to announce two new additions to our Loch Ewe Fruit & Floral range!

The Sweet Pink Grapefruit Soap and the Orange & Cinnamon Soap are now available to buy online through our website.

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The History of Perfume

9 December 2013 10:59:20 GMT

It is dark outside. It's definitely morning, but no sign of dawn just yet. Tapputi is already hard at work in the palace laboratory, continuing her work from the previous evening. Her distillation apparatus containing calamus flowers, stems, oil and myrrh has been bubbling away overnight and now was the time to start the lengthy clarification and filtration processes. After separating different parts of the mixture, discarding most it, and sieving the result several times, the aromatic concoction is returned to the still along with some balsam and the fire is rekindled underneath. She stirs the mixture continuously.

When the first rays of sunlight begin to pour into the lab, Tapputi's work is almost done. The time has come to let the fire under the still die down so the apparatus can be cooled. The resulting fragrant liquid is then poured through a filter cloth into flasks. The perfume is ready. Unfortunately for her assistant, the equipment needs to be thoroughly cleaned in order to start the process all over again that evening. Such is the life of a Bronze Age Mesopotamian Perfumer.

Read on to find out how perfume changed the world, and how the world changed perfume!

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A Big Thankyou!

4 November 2013 14:11:34 GMT

As another season draws to an end, we want to thank all our valued customers for your loyalty and support. We hope you've enjoyed your visits as much as we have enjoyed having you. It has been an interesting year with a change in management style for us, giving us more time to work "behind the scenes" as well as run around after our ever-increasing family!

And so, we extend our huge thanks and appreciation to David Olds and Anna Tutsek who have worked tirelessly and without a break since March. You are absolute stars. Dave and Anna have been ably assisted all season by Chris MacLennan who stepped into the role at a moment's notice and worked constantly and brilliantly right through the season. During the busiest part of the season, the team were ably assisted by Nessie Gearing, Debra Connip and Joe Smith. Lovely young people and a credit to the area. Last but by no means least, Sharon Longley. Sharon has been with us for two seasons now and has worked long hours 'out the back' in production and in the shop. Sharon is our "all year" member of staff and turns her hand, incredibly efficiently and loyally to any task that needs doing.

You have all been wonderful. We really appreciate you and we thank you all and are delighted that you will all be returning in the spring. Staff and customers - have a good winter and blessed Christmas with your families. Travel safe and we look forward to seeing you in April.

- Adrian and Katie

You can still buy your favourite products online through this website all year round! Order before 10th December for delivery before Christmas.

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