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  • Intensive Radiance Face Treatment Oil

    Review by YorkieGirl

    My partner bought me this oil as a birthday present, so glad he did.. I use it twice a day, before applying cream, and have noticed how much more hydrated and smooth my skin looks and feels. Skin texture is great and pesky wrinkles greatly diminished. Great product. Again, excellent

  • Lemongrass & Ginger Soap

    Review by Yorkie Girl

    This has to be the most amazingly addictive smell!! Lovely product, as is the Lemongrass & ginger bath oil and shower gel. Well worth the price as they last and last.

  • Mineral Skin Mask for Mature Skin

    Review by Yorkie Girl

    This is the best by far. Skin feels and looks amazing after use. Would highly recommend.

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Day & Night Crèmes

Our day crèmes are light and moisturising, while our night crèmes are good for skin development

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4 Products |