John Craven & Adrian Hollister at the Perfume Studio, Countryfile

John Craven & Adrian Hollister at the Perfume Studio

(from BBC Countryfile - "Spring Special", 3rd May 2015)

If you're a Wester Ross regular, you might have caught sight of a familiar face on this weekend's Spring Special of BBC Countryfile. Not content with simply showing the changing landscape of spring, or listening to a plethora of springtime sounds, Countryfile's John Craven was also keen to smell the new season unfurling, so he followed his nose up north to "potentially the most remote perfume studio in the world" and popped in for a chat with Adrian!

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If you didn't catch Countryfile on Sunday, you can still watch it online via BBC's iPlayer. You'll find the particular "scent-based segment" at around the 15 minute mark