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  • Gardener's Scrubby Soap with Tea Tree & Soothing Oatmeal

    Review by MaggieB

    I received this as a gift and have been delighted with it. Will definitely order again. Thanks

  • Fungal Nail Oil with Rosemary, Peppermint & Neem Oil

    Review by Evelyn

    I have tried numerous 'fungal nail' treatments as I have had a problem for well over 20 years and nothing worked. The nails on both my big toes were actually black and growing twisted. A friend gave me my first bottle of this oil and within 2 months what a

  • Gorse Coconut Soap

    Review by Taffs

    I have bought three bars of this and will be buying more to send to friends and family. It is simply delicious and if you close your eyes it’s like walking along the river bank passing the beautifully scented Gorse. It lathers up well and dries without sticking or leaving

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The word "moisturiser" is widely used, however, not many people understand the real work of the moisturising crème.

A moisturiser does not add moisture to the skin. What it does is form a thin barrier of oil on the surface of the skin and between skin cells. This barrier slows down the evaporation of water – through the skin – to the outside world. The net effect of the barrier layer is that the amount of water in our skin is increased and so we have a healthier and nicer skin.

Now that you know how a moisturiser cream works, you will understand the logic of the next bit of advice. Drink plenty of water, in small amounts, throughout the day. This is the source of the water that finds its way into the skin. No matter how good a moisturiser is, it can only work if we take in sufficient water. Many people do not drink enough water – and this shows in their skin.

The differences between different moisturisers comes from the particular oils used to form part of the skin barrier. You will also find considerable differences in the way in which the moisturiser is adsorbed to the skin.

At the Perfume Studio we have developed a range of skin crèmes to suit different skin types.

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