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  • Patchouli & Frankincense Soap

    Review by Helen

    I mainly buy and use Frankincense and patchouli as it suits my skin best and I like the fragrance. I regularly use Frankincense in olive oil for all my aches and any strains. I find it very effective.

  • Wild Rose Soap

    Review by Jura

    Lovely to use as all your products are. Lovely rose smell my favourite

  • Skin Crème Mousse with Sweet Almond, Wheat-germ & Coconut

    Review by Ruth

    I was intrigued by the Creme Mousse description and was pleasantly surprised at how light it is but also how luxurious it feels on the skin. I am in my 50s so finding a good creme which is not too heavy but is a good moisturiser is a challenge. I

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Highland Myrtle Perfumes

The Highland Myrtle is the wild, fragrant plant in the Scottish mountains. As you walk through the glens on a warm summer evening you can pick the leaves and adore this extraordinarily beautiful and quintessentially wild Scottish natural fragrance. We extract the scent oil from the wild plants growing in our local valleys, using gentle methods.

We are the first perfumers in the world to have access to this new natural scent oil.

We can only ship perfumes to the UK.

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