Photography Workshops

Within the Perfume Studio premises at Mellon Charles is our landscape photography studio - the Image Studio. Within the studio we have an editing suite of Apple Mac's with professional printers and scanners, a revolving TV photography display and fixed presentations. From the Image Studio we provide a range of training and mentoring programmes for photographers at all levels - from beginners to professionals.

Between March and October, professional photographer Adrian Hollister runs one-day workshops covering aspects of photography from seeing the image, using your camera, to editing and printing.  For more information please use the contact form below.

During the winter, Adrian Hollister and Eddie Ephraums run the Open Studio Workshops based here in the Mellon Charles studio.  Attracting well known tutors such as Paul Gallagher, Paul Wakefield and Joe Cornish the studio hosts various Open Studio Workshops which are recognised as some of the top UK landscape photography workshops for intermediate and advanced photographers.

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